How to make a chicken and brie pie

Take pastry out of box and lay flat on chosen surface

Roll out flat on the paper it comes on

Open your chicken breasts

Cut it up into strips

Put the oven on to about 220 degrees gas mark 7

Then you fry the chicken

I learnt that you only need to put half the chicken in at a time remember to put a bit of oil over the top

Lay a layer of thin brie

Add some peppers on top of the brie. You have a choice if spice or no spice

This one is the no spice code

Then add half your chicken to one pie

Add the other half

Add some salt

I marked this pie with an s to remember that this is the spicy pie

This is your finished product

Remember to brush with some milk

Watch the video: Chicken u0026 Mushroom Pie With Puff Pastry. Dinner for Whole Family

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