How to make chinese dumplings in the combi oven

Traditionally dumplings are browned in a pan first.

Then you would add some liquid and cover.

You would cook until the liquid is evaporated. By doing it this way you will lose some of the flavor in the dumplings.

Instead, preheat Combi at 212F (100C) steam. Place dumplings in a perforated pan. Spray dumplings with some water. Cook for 8 minutes uncovered.

After cooking place dumplings in a hot sauté pan with a little oil. Brown dumplings until desired color. Serve with favorite sauce.

You can also hold the steamed dumplings in a Alto -Shaam warmer set at 160F (71C). Covered with plastic wrap. When needed all you have to do is just brown and serve. Very fast.

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