How to Be a Great Mommy

Always remind yourself you are blessed and have a phenomenal opportunity, privilege, & responsibility to be a parent to your child!

Say I love you. For no reason at all-- because it's not conditional.

Love and respect their daddy, even when he's not around.

Savor every moment. Be thankful. Never feel guilty for the time spent just being with them.

Teach! Allow them to learn the way they learn, though. If you want a certain behavior, you must teach the process, practice it with them, and model it yourself! Then catch them being good!

Create spontaneous fun! Be creative. Do it together. They want your originality over an Xbox 360 any day!

Laugh! At. With. About. Near. Your kiddos! They love to hear your unique laugh freeing them to be themsillyselves!

It's gonna be messy. Accept it.

Be amazed about the amount of functionality you can still have on very minimal sleep. Wow. Isn't it incredible?

And most importantly, let God permeate your lives. Draw upon His strength, His wisdom, & His Word to guide you through the roller coaster of life. Let God be the Master of your home.

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